Brandi here. Nice to meet you! 
I created Blicious in 2007 without a clue of what I was doing. I started it with the intention to babble about anything and everything and it literally became my therapy outlet. Blicious is about everything going on in my life and in my head and it mostly revolves around my adorable Husband Brandon Scarpelli. It's about our lives as husband and wife. Check out his personal blog here

In March 2013 the husband and I picked up and moved to Florence Italy from California. We had a dream of moving to Italy and we made that dream come true in one year. What better way to start a life as a married couple other than complicating the shit out of everything and moving? to.a.different.country.we.didn't.know.anything.about.

We are in the center of Florence adjusting to our new lives without our family, friends, cars, traffic, the 405, car payments, gas stations, commuting an hour to work, In-n-Out and mexican food.

Follow me as I make 101 mistakes as an expat in Italy...



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