Monday, March 5, 2007

drink, drank and drunk!

Weekends are too short! Jessica’s bday was thursday and we partied all weekend. everyone knows that when it's your bday; it's your bday alllll week! so friday (night 1) we went to Busby’s in Santa Monica and drank till we forgot our names. dancing, singing and making out, who could ask for more? not to mention some of your best friends and the love of your life. when the lights in a bar come on you know you've been there too long. (night 2) we went to Court and Bryan's for the UFC fight. can you say gross?! i was OOHHing and AHHing every time a guy got hit. yikes. but we had a great time screaming and cheering for people we don't know. then it was on.....3 glasses of champagne and too many beers while playing Kings. <---the best drinking game ever. :) such a great weekend!

Happy 24th grumpy gills!

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