Wednesday, March 21, 2007

am i fat?

i mean look at those massive legs. Oh please since when is 110 fat? nothing else to say but childish. IF i was least i could diet for free. reducing the size of a feature costs extra! something to think about..

haha i love my lovie!

i am updating now

7 minutes

12:01 PM brandon: how does she even have that?????
12:02 PM me: not sure. i mean it's on my myspace that she obviousy cant live without checking.
12:04 PM read my blog
12:05 PM brandon: oh ok
me: i'm fat and have split ends
12:08 PM brandon: wow thats pretty funny....
12:09 PM she is stupid.......
obviously she hasnt done much growing
her email sounds exactly how it did when u guys stopped talking
very very very fake and immature
12:12 PM me: i know
12:13 PM brandon: oh well she is a loser
thats pretty bad that she looks at ur myspace and blog that much
i mean it only happened yesterday and she was already on ur blog
12:14 PM me: right?
brandon: one word

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are hot! not even close to being fat.


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