Monday, March 12, 2007

i hate when our weekend ends.

we had such an amazing weekend. Friday night we went to a country bar on a PARTY BUS for Bryan's birthday! talk about amazing! we had such a great time and we were were with the greatest people ever! cowboy hats, short skirts and line dancing! yeehaw!
Sat was Brandon's brothers engagement party! so cute and the most amazing food ever. it was a very long day full of cleaning and drinking but we had a great time. sunday was our first family house warming party. couldn't believe how many people fit in to our house. all around it was a GREAT weekend. I hate when it all comes to an end and we are back to monday! :( although today is not just any monday! it's Brandon's birthday!!! 24 baby! i couldn't be any happier than i am and like you said last night, "i really love life right now"! me tooooo! almost 4 years and still in our dorky world! love you! baaaaaaaaabe?

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