Wednesday, April 11, 2007

so as much as i hate to admit it, i can't help but get hooked every time the show comes on! maybe it's because of how talented the girls are or simply because i am so jealous that i am not on the show. clearly it's not their talent SO yes, i am jealous! i love them and want to be a PCD so bad. they get to dance and sing for a GOOD living and travel all around the world for free! gosh. i dream about dancing in a cute lingerie with a bright pink boa. i have big dreams! lol, no but seriously...i love my life right now....but I've always had this obsession with being a PCD.
it's sad to watch how hard they drill these poor girls on the show when we all know they are going to be thrown in the back to harmonize with the other girls. there is only one true singer in the group and the rest are eye candy'. my top 2 are Melissa S. and Melissa R.! this is one out of the many shows where Brandon won't complain when it's on...
2 more shows left...can't wait to see who is going to become an instant celebrity! ;)

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