Monday, April 9, 2007

Twentyfouryearsold! Yikes. Kinda scary that 25 is right around the corner! I had the most amazing birthday weekend! I thought that nothing could top our wild weekend in vegas and surprise surprise….this past weekend was craziness. Friday, Brandon and I took off work and went to Magic Mountain! so fun. It seems like forever and a day since we’ve been there. We got fast passes and went on all the rides we wanted. It was pretty crowded filled with ghetto fabulous people, but we went through the exit every time! ;) last day of spring break! Adrenaline, screaming, laughing, kissing and being extremely goofy was our Friday! Thanks lover! We got home and met Greg and Christina for dinner and margaritas! “happy birthday to Ponchita” hahahaha. Brandon I’m thinking about the song you made up! Haha!
Sat morning I had 8 wonderful people meet me at our house and it was off to Firestone Winery along with many more! of course we stopped to eat and got lost for a bit but we made it, finally. In a matter of minutes we were all wasted!

We went to 5 wineries in less than 3 hours! Woo! Wine tasting has got to be one of the best things to do! Especially with your love and best friends! We made it to Solvang and went to the smallest restaurant in the world. The food sucked and we got yelled at for being too loud. Pfft. Are you kidding me? There are 8 drunk people sitting in a place that holds about 20 and they wanted us to be quiet! Uhh, NO!

the drive home wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t great either. Sunday-Happy Easter!! Gladstone’s is always amazing! Mmm, bibs and small forks=love.

Brandon and I got home after brunch on Sunday and crashed. We were zombies all day long! Oiy! I loved every minute of my birthday weekend! Brandon, you light up my whole world! Thanks for making me feel so special! I love you Nodnarb!
Oh yah..and Of course is there any other better way to end a great weekend than realizing you left your keys in the door (outside) and think that someone may have taken them? If that’s not it, then maybe mixie hid them….but all I can say is it sucks to not have your keys…..argh!

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brandon said...

you are sooooooooo very welcome baby! you deserve it and make it all so worth it. i am glad you enjoyed it all as much as i did!!!! i love you!


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