Monday, April 16, 2007

we love everything about each other!

i know it’s Monday and all but I am in such a great mood! Maybe it’s because I went to bed at 8:30 or because I really LOVE life right now. These are my horoscopes for sat and today….

Life is pretty sweet for you right now, so find a way to share your good energy with your partner. Do something active -- the words and emotions will flow without hesitation.

Life is still good, and you're itching for a new adventure of some kind. You ought to be able to get your partner excited, so head out and see what you can discover together!

I love coming in to work on monday mornings and being in wow about my weekend! I had such a great time. Friday was a fun “time warp” night! I mean who goes to Wal-Mart around 11pm and buys 3 board games and then actually plays them! Haha let’s just say Brandon, Josh, Crystal and I were not sober…at all!! Lol. Sat was very productive. Brandon and I cleaned out our garage and I must say it’s the sexiest garage ever! Ha. It’s brandon’s home away from home! Whose garage has pictures up and a stereo with an extra fridge? Oh yah and NO spiders? OURS!!! Later on we went to dinner with Cindra and ryan and another couple, got wasted and went back to our house. The cards came out and a game of Kings was on! We were all pretty drunk and had a great time! Sunday was probably the best! Brandon and I went to the Long Beach Grand Prix (pricks..haha baby) I am not a huge car fan but it’s so fun and exhilarating to watch. The best though is to see how excited Brandon gets. I love seeing him so happy! That big smile and great energy he gives off is amazing. I love everything about him. Even when he runs off to chase cars or to take pictures, I love it. We have one of the best relationships ever. Aside from our love life we truly are best friends. We have such 50/50 friendship. We love to make each other happy even if the other one wouldn’t exactly do certain activities on their own…like going to a Mariah concert, or wango tango every year…OR going to the LB grand prix 4 years in a row….OR EVENTUALLY jumping out of a plane! PLEASE!!!!! Haha we do whatever we can to make the other person smile and I love that about us. That’s what makes us so strong.

Oh yah.. I can't believe I forgot to add in that Brandon had my windows tinted for me! my car looks soooooo much better! I LOVE it!

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Anonymous said...

you guys are the best! i love it. happy monday! =)


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