Wednesday, May 2, 2007

all smiles.

If anyone needs to know where the center of the action is, all they have to do is look for you. You're happily in the thick of it, kicking butt and taking names. You'll get more done than you could have imagined.

have you ever felt so refreshed that you just want to scream because you are so happy? i want to run around on grass and do "L-E-T-S_G-O" cheers. well maybe not but i feel like i am on top of the world! i have the most amazing boyfriend whom i adore more than anything! we can get through anything together and it's so fun to share your life with your best friend! love you bub! this month is going to be one hell of a roller coaster but we have such a strong connection and the bestest friends to keep us going! ok no more mushy stuff....did anyone hear about seeing baldy AKA B-Spears at the house of blues for $500.00 a ticket? is she crazy? to watch her dance in wannabe Pussy Cat doll outfits. paahlease...that girl needs to take care of her kids. check out for more details on baldy mcgee.

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