Tuesday, May 29, 2007

B is for....

Love long weekends! I would kill to have four day weekends all the time. B and I made it to FOUR years!! So exciting to know that we have accomplished more than we could have dreamed about in only four years..love. so we took the day off and went to Magic Mountain with my bro Derek and Colby. The park was empty and we were like kids running around. I have never been on so many rides in one trip. FUN! the BEST part about Friday was when I woke up and got to open my present. Brandon gave me the heart shaped Tiffany’s locket! I can’t even explain the feeling I had especially when I opened it and there was a picture from when we were 13 and last xmas. He is amazing! I have wanted this locket since I was a little girl and it means the world coming from him! THANKS BABY!
Sat was relaxing. We did NOTHING during the day. We went to Courtney and Brian’s to watch the UFC fight which totally sucked. It was over in 1 minute. I couldn’t believe they called it so fast.
Sunday we went to my moms to swim and eat and we all got totally wrapped up in the Indy 500. I wanted Danica to win so badly! Damn. Monday morning i met up with Marie and all the girls. it was fun to see everyone and get caught up. we went back to my moms for a BBQ but this time Colin, Devin, David and Crystal came. We were hammered all day! So fun. nothing better than being in the pool with a margarita. I woke up this morning with a massive headache. Yay to 3 day work week! This is going to be the best week yet….!

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