Monday, May 7, 2007

weekend update...

back to monday...
friday was a chill night for us. we went to a bar and had a few drinks and went to Fridays for dinner. FUN! nothing too big. CINCO de MAYO was fun too. we had a wedding to go to.. who gets married on cinco de mayo??? as most people know, i am the world's biggest love nerd. i love everything about love. all i wanted to see was the wedding "ceremony". i love to watch the connection between two people and to get ideas. hehe well, of course we MISSED the I_DO's due to the simple fact that we got lost. we drove around long beach for a good hour and finally found the place. we walked in to the chairs being put away. straight out of a movie. although i love weddings, i missed all of our friends.

MR and MRS Anthony and me!!

seis de mayo was such a great day. Brandon and i woke up and went to eat at the Corner Bakery. I loved it. it was our first time and i highly recommend it. we went to Macy's and bought the biggest fluffy goose down blanket. so nice. i had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning. we then went to Jessica's dads house and went swimming, had margaritas and ate. so fun. i love the sun! so excited to start going to the beach and swimming in our pool! we left there and went to B's cousins BBQ where we had yummy carne asada.

so good. home was next. B and i had a FUN romantical night.

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