Monday, May 21, 2007


And the countdown begins…..10 DAYS until Graduation! SCREAM! Brandon and I truly had a rock STAR weekend. My older Bro was promoted and he had a party at the Sunset Marquis.Everyone there was in the entertainment industry and it was amusing to watch them mingle. We had a great time until this crack head of a guy came up to us. Long story. All I have to say is that Ladies, WATCH your drinks when talking to creepy men. He put something in my drink and THANK gawd I saw. Gross F**k! we (Brandon, Derek, Colby, Justin, Sam and I) went on a taco bell run at 3:00AM and went back to Justin’s to eat. TB is so yummy after 1AM. We got home right before the sun came up. we woke up Saturday morning and cleaned our pretty house. I love it. Then we went to Valencia for a house warming party. It was nice. We came home and took a “power” nap. We woke up at 9 or so and I was down to stay asleep through the night. Brandon talked me in to waking up and going to Santa Monica to meet his cousin’s. we hung out and took shots and got to holly’s at midnight.

It was cool, nothing special. We ended up getting a table THANK GAWD cause I couldn't’t see it being fun any other way. The one thing I hated about the place was there was ONE bathroom for the girls. Are you kidding me???!?! I didn’t want to drink just so I wouldn’t have to pee. Well obviously that didn’t happen and I ended up waiting in line for about 45 minutes to pee. I was in tears and I hated being there. We closed Holly’s down, so amusing to see what people look like when the lights are on….Brandon and I were on our way home when TB sounded good....AGAIN! We stopped for some hard tacos and Mexican pizza and it was off to bed. Our Sunday was very relaxing. Brandon got up early and played with his car and cleaned the garage and I studied for my finals. We went to Il Tramezzino for a yummy sandwich and a fun romantical lunch. it was such a beautiful day yesterday.

We went home and once again took a nap. Haha we’re getting old, or maybe it was because we had 8 hours of sleep all weekend. We woke up and went to Sushi with my two little bro’s. What a GREAT weekend! 2 finals left and I am DONEZO! Woot!

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