Wednesday, May 2, 2007

what a student does for extra credit...

well...i am in the world's hardest psych class. it's every detail about the brain. this class also has a lab which was awful. i say "was" because the teacher canceled lab for the rest of the semester, Thank GAWD! so anyways, i am passing the class but not at all happy with my grade so i decided to be a part of his "extra credit" lab experiment. did I mention that my teacher is super cute?? ok so i get to the experiment and there's two other guys in the room besides my teacher. I had NO idea what i was getting myself in to. they started explaining the directions and it seemed pretty easy. so i sit down in the chair and they then proceed to tell me that they are sticking a cap full of electrodes on my head. ok no big deal right? WRONG...along with the cap comes this chunky gel that they put all over my hair and half of my face. terrible! i wanted to cry but then i kept thinking about my grade. make it worse they get me all situated, gooped up and all and what does the professor tell me?????? the machine is broke. WHAT?!?!?!? you just seriously gooped me up for nothing. and did i forget to tell you that i did this during my lunch break??? i am sitting at work with chunky goop on my head! i was actually looking forward to being a part of an experiment. so......i left with tons of extra credit and a goopy head. bleh. this is goes to show what a student will do for extra credit.....

if you were at all curious as to what the "cap" looked like, here it is:

Oh yah...notice the chin strap????

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