Monday, June 25, 2007

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was ok. Friday night we had GIRLS night at good o’le Los Toros. I must say that one margarita gets me every time. haha…then some drama happened so Randee and I left the girls and went to Fridays. Haha lame I know but we got a free patron shot and had a beer. So fun! Then Brandon picked me up because I was in no shape to drive! Thanks lover. You’re the best! Saturday I went shopping with my mom while Brandon stayed in the garage. Then we, my fam and brandon went to the Zoo. It was so much fun! I love the zoo. I am still bitter on how they put the koalas outside and made the koala Hilton in to spider city..WHAT?!?!?! Who does that? Why? So was it a lie this whole time that you had to be very quiet while going in to the koala building?? Guess so since they are outside now. Argh! Hah. I love the zoo!! After the Zoo we went to the newly renovated Observatory. It was such a strange random Saturday but I must say that we had so much fun. The Observatory is gorgeous. It was very educational being there..sunday, i stayed in the sun and in my bathing suit. love! love relaxing weekends….

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