Monday, June 11, 2007

i love LOVE!

B and I drove up to San Jose for Ashley's bridal shower. We drove up Friday after work. UGH! Let’s just say I hate long car rides after a long day at work. We get up there around 11:30ish and immediately go for the vino. mmm. I was much better after a few glasses. haha. The next morning we woke up super early and went to the church where Mark and Ashley are getting married. WOW. That’s really all I can say other than the church is beautiful. It belongs in Europe for sure. So breathtaking. I have to admit that I had wedding fever all weekend. Brandon and I took the car and went to haight street. I was so excited to shop at all the vintage stores and unfortunately NOTHING opened until 11:00 and we were there at 9:30. argh. So we ended up leaving and headed off to the shower. The guys went golfing while we were being girly. It was gorgeous. I am known to be the biggest SAP in the world and seeing all the “Mrs. Scarpelli” stuff was making me jealous!! Ok, ok enough mushy stuff….after the shower was over we met up with the guys and all went to dinner at the Loft. Cute place (terrible chicken) haha. Then we walked over to Tres gringos (great name) and this is where the night got blurry. We had a few shots and a few beers and left there and headed to The Temple. Cute place…very crowded. I didn’t love the DJ but it was cool. We had a huge group and all had a great time. The end of the night was fuzzy for all of us and it was fun to piece the night together in the morning. We had such a great weekend. It was way too short. Can’t wait for the BIG wedding!!!

The most important thing we did all weekend (Brandon’s MAIN reason) was to pick up his life size hot wheel; his Go Kart. He is so happy and now that we have a garage (AKA spider collector) he has somewhere to keep it and work on it. This means more “me” time! haha

i had to share this comment from Brandon this morning:
brandon: it was like me and you again
me and the little kart
have met again
me: wow.

haha gotta love boys and their toys!

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