Monday, June 4, 2007


Graduation PARTY at my mom’s house for Jessica and I. We had a great time with all of our best friends and family. Too tired to write out a story but let’s just say we were drunk all day. Party started at 2…started drinking at 11 and didn’t stop till 12:30AM! I’d say close to 100 of our best friends and family showed up. Thanks to everyone! Swimming, drinking, eating, cake, flip cup etc. sums up our day. Patron shots, 125 Jell-O shots, 3 tubs of jungle juice and 4 or 5 handles of hard alcohol GONE! It was by far the greatest day. It has finally hit me that we GRADUATED! Sigh…

Woke up early and 12 of us went to El Torito for all you can eat and an endless amount of mimosa’s. mmmmm then B and I went to my brother’s baseball game. From there we went to Midori (SO GOOD) in Sherman Oaks with veronica, Josh, Payam, Cathy, and Kevin. 6 large hot sakes, 1 HUGE bottle of cold Sake that tastes so good (lasted about 5 or 6 rounds) and 2 bottles of some crazy Japanese vodka, thanks Josh….!wasted! when we all started singing along to Michael Jackson and talking about Michael Bolton, we knew it was time to go….

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