Monday, July 9, 2007


This past weekend was by far one of the greatest weekends ever. Starting on Thursday night being Marie’s BACHELORETTE party! It was one of the best girl's nights out EVER! We all went to dinner at Koji’s. If you haven’t eaten there and have not tried shabu shabu, I highly recommend it. Thanks to Jenn cause it was yummy. We had our own room which worked out perfect!

From there Jenn and I ran to the Roosevelt hotel where we had a huge surprise for Marie. When she knocked on the door none other than a sexy cop answered and began stripping for our Bride to be. We had such a great time.

Seriously the first guy manhandled us! Haha yep that’s right, we had more than one guy. After the officer was done….we had a SWAT guy come in! Hehe he wasn’t that great and actually was a dud…but it was fun.

After that we all walked down Hollywood blvd and ended up at Mood. We danced and drank all night long! Our bachelorette was having such a good time and that’s all we wanted. As the night was coming to an end we saw TOM from Myspace. Hahah how random. I wasn’t sure if it was really him but the DJ kept announcing it and people were recognizing him so what else to do than have a photo shoot with the bajillionair himself???

The next morning we woke up and Marie treated us all to the Spa. So nice. We did pilates for 30 mins which is now my new fetish and then we got paraffin dips and it was off for a facial. So nice. Then it was off to the rehearsal….

WOW! The bridesmaids all met at the salon around 7am for our hair, nails and makeup.

A lot happened from 7am-2pm but before we knew it we were sitting in the Limo with the Bride to be. She looked so beautiful in her gorgeous dress. She was glowing and it felt so good to be a part of her day! we arrived at the church and took a million and one pictures. Then we were told to wait in the Bridal room until it was time to walk down the isle….time flew by so fast…it was time for us to all line up and begin the ceremony. I was so nervous. not only did I want nothing more than to not trip but I was so nervous for Marie. She is my first friend to say “I DO” and it was so surreal. we were standing in the front of the church waiting for the Bride to walk down. Can I just tell you that when she walked down the isle she looked like a princess. Her dress was to die for and she had the biggest smile. I only cried two times during the ceremony. Oh and once when we got back to Marie’s before we left because Paul had dropped off flowers and a note. Ughh….it’s not good to cry right when you get back with your makeup done. Haha

The reception was beautiful. I loved everything about their day/weekend! I can’t believe it’s over! I met so many wonderful people who adore the newly weds! The room was filled with so much love! I love weddings!!!

Sunday we all went to Marie's house for lunch! I swear it seemed like everyone was there! the newly weds look so happy and so in love! YAY!

I love you Marie! Thank you for everything! I can't believe you are a WIFEY!!!!

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Marie said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! =) (and for writing this blog, so I can show it to other people~!) =)


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