Monday, July 23, 2007


Sigh of relief….Brandon and I had a crazy weekend full of craziness. Saturday we went to the dodger game with everyone from my work. Office outing! It was fun but not the place to mingle with co-workers. It was kind of impossible. Then we went to Courtney and Bryan’s engagement party. It’s so crazy to be at an age where our friends are getting married. One by one they keep getting engaged. Smile. It was very nice. Sunday was by far one of the best days EVER! Well the morning started off super rocky but we flipped the day around. Brandon and I grabbed lunch at Flookys. Sounds strange and yes it is a hole in the wall but it was yummy. They have everything! Then we went to Balboa Park and sat on a blanket and threw bread at the ducks. It was such a romantical day. cheese but I loved it. Then Brandon took me to this place where they fly and race remote control airplanes. They were huge!! I can’t really describe everything that happened but all I can say is that it was one of the greatest days. I love being in love.

Happy Monday! YAY for summer hours. I get off at 3 on Fridays! Holler.

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