Tuesday, July 31, 2007



FRIDAY we woke up at 4:30 AM (oiy) and headed up to San Jose. We went to the wedding rehearsal and then to Buca’s for dinner. What a meal. The food would not stop. I swear I have never seen that much food in my life. But you can never go wrong with Buca’s. mmmmm. We partied in Mark’s room for a bit and then crashed. It was a long day. Saturday was THE day!! The wedding ceremony was beautiful. The church is breathtaking and it was so cute to see the love between Mark and Ashley. It was so surreal when we all stood up waiting for the bride. It was by far the longest isle I had ever seen and when we were waiting for her to come down all you can see in the distance was this beautiful white dress. Chills. When she came down it was so hard not to cry when you saw how Mark reacted. He was in tears and looked so happy! Brandon was up there the whole time and looked amazing!
Off to the reception. Can I just tell you that it was the perfect wedding? What wedding isn’t perfect? The wedding party and their significant others (ME) got to sit at the “HEAD table”. Yah, we were special. Their song was perfect, the room was gorgeous and the food was delicious. There are so many things that I am going to copy like having a photo booth at the wedding. It was the hit of the night. Brandon was the Best man and was terrified to give his speech. That’s a huge responsibility; one being the best man and two being his brother! Woo…let’s just say that he rocked! And no, I’m not just saying that cause’ he’s my bf, he really did a great job and made people cry. I did. After the speeches we drank and danced the night away. After the reception we all went to a club, The Cellar, and had 3 tables and partied more!!! It was so much fun!
Sunday we were hurting. We hung out and had lunch at the tequila bar in San Jose and then played Kings at B’s sister’s house. We stayed another night. We left Monday and finally made it home. Our big weddings are finally over. I am so happy to go back to our normal lives. We have been non stop for 5 weeks! I love weddings and all but man are they draining…Oh did I mention that we just got an invitation for one in Sept?! ughh. Haha! At least we have some time to relax…..


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