Monday, July 2, 2007

Marie and Paul week!

why does it always seem like the weekend is WAY too short? sigh...what a great relaxing weekend. Friday night we went to dinner with Court and Bryan..yay! Saturday Brandon and I laid out all day. it was so hot and the pool was so nice. we had a BBQ at our place (finally we have a bbq) and let's just say there was not one sober person in the room. we had this huge meal and had tons of left overs. So after a few drinking games Brandon, Josh and I got a random craving for donuts. i think someone mentioned cake.. hah, so we drive to Winchell's (BTW-open 24 hours) and then got a bright idea to go to taco bell. we seriously had the best feast ever! mmmm. Sunday was girls day by the beach. Jes, Cheryl, Catherine and I laid out all day. it was seriously the best beach day ever. aside from looking like a lobster today I had a great weekend.

This is Marie and Paul week! screeeeeeeeeeam! They are getting married on Saturday and I can't wait to begin all the wedding festivities on thurs! love you and can't wait till' the BIG day! FIVE days left!!!!

Happy Monday!

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