Thursday, July 12, 2007

what would you do with 225,000 dollars?

So if you heard this news I’m sure you were just as shocked as I was. Selling a parking spot for 225,000$?!?!? WHAT? And what is even more shocking is that people without cars in NY are still buying the spots for investment purposes. What?! Seriously this proves that people have nothing better to do with the money that they have. Parking spots in New York are going to increase and soon be worth more than a home in California. Sigh…this is really quite disturbing when the money they are spending on a place to park can be going towards homeless children who need food and water to stay alive. There are people dieing everyday due to their poverty levels and people who can actually make a difference with their money are buying a piece of pavement with 2 painted lines. ICK!

NY parking spots

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