Friday, August 24, 2007


Do you listen to KIIS?? well I do. In fact I think I might be addicted. I LOVE Ryan and I love the morning show. Ryan's roses is my fav. I hate cheaters and i love when they get caught!! I feel so awful for the girls and guys that find out they are being cheated on but at the same time it's good for them to know. Some girls flip out and others play it off as if they didnt just hear their loved one choosing another girl. UGH! it's sad that they have to find out on the radio but it may be their very last resort. and it's SO entertaining for us listeners. i admit that i have cried and screamed when i find out that they are cheating. I always have to call Brandon and tell him how pissed I am that Joe is cheating on lovely he cares. haha..



brandon said...

oh baby i love you and your love for love! did that make sense? if not only you will know what i'm talking about and thats what matters most! GIMPY-OUT!

marie said...

HAHA! i love KIIS in the morning! Did you hear the one last week where they tried to do it on a girl? Ryan's Tickets? Ticketblaster? Gosh it was so hilarious i was crying and laughing at the same time. HAPPY FRIDAY! i hope Gimpy gets better SOON! =)


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