Tuesday, August 21, 2007

happy tooz.

Deep sigh.
What a long weekend.
Friday we went to dinner with my fam to say bye to my bro. He moved to chicago on sat and i'm sad. bye love. we then went to Velvet and Ritual for Josh’s big 30th!!! We had SOOOOOOO much fun.
Sat we went out for Vanessa’s bday at Cinespace. It was cool because we had a table but the vibe was pretty lame with the concerts going on. Haha
Sunday we were in the pool all day! love. We went back to our house and this is where the night goes down hill. (literally) Angelique and I were sitting on the couch when out of no where it sounded like a train came down the stairs and Brandon ended up on the floor in front of us. Long story short my poor love broke his foot. Tear. I feel so bad for him and I couldn’t imagine breaking my foot. Sorry hun..After the fall we didn’t think that he broke it so we started playing drinking games. Can I just say that we played Kings with a box of Franzia??!! Haha yah AND we drank the whole box/bag. Good times! Haha
Monday was a relaxing day...Brandon and i were sitting in Urgent Care all morning and then we had dinner at our house for Josh and Vanessa. Oh, and we also watched Dane Cook's Vicious Circle about 5 times. haha love him!
So now I’m back at work and I must say that I am going to stab my boss in the eye with my heel. UGH! long story but wow….bad day so far….
I want to just go home and sleep.

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brandon said...

yes it was a crazy weekend to say the least! thank you for everything baby! you are a dream come true!


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