Thursday, August 16, 2007

.The Hills.

Have you seen the new season of The Hills yet?? nothing too exciting...I admit that i am totally in to it though. not sure why but when i find out, i will let you know. I am SO on Team LC. Heidi is dumb. and i know they edit all the episodes but you can tell that Heidi regrets being a biatch to her best friend. Why would you bash a friend who has been there for you every second and then write a letter and pretend like it's just a fight.yah well. Lauren is awesome for putting her foot down and getting rid of the negative schmucks in her life. love her!
Heidi is totally changing for her ugly ass BF. ugh...why doesnt his mouth move when he talks. gag me. he must be the worst kisser ever! bleh. Heidi looks ridiculous with her boob job and you can tell she feels like a dumb shit for bashing her "befri". oh the drama...
and not to mention that I love TMZ for their Heidi/Spencer ring story.

pfftt. it's not even a pink diamond. pahlease...first off a man should not be buying an engagement ring where they also sell handbags and wallets. me a sap, but i think the man should put some time and thought in to buying an engagement ring. not just pointing at the first FAKE thing you see and saying ok! WHAT>!RUW)(*QP ugh...Spencer's gay.

ok enough about going off on people i dont even know...they should really do a show for the Valley peeps. sure i dont work at Vogue as an intern and can't afford to work for free but i think people would enjoy watching REAL every day life BS. it can be the new IT thing like the new flats at Niemans...CUTE!

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