Monday, August 27, 2007

teen choice

As you may know the Teen Choice awards were on last night. takes me back to the day i met Josh......sigh....too bad i was a crying pathetic baby but anyway..

Of course none other that JA won for female HOTTIE!!!
Choice Female Hottie
* Jessica Alba
Megan Fox
Hayden Panettiere
Jessica Biel


Why did JT have to be on tour? OHMYGAWWW he's amazing in every way. looks-check, body-check, voice-check, style-check, dancer-check, clothing line-check, hot girlfriends-check, just perfect-CHECK! ugh..

What happened to Kelly Clarkson's voice? didn't seem like she was in to the song at all...or being there for that matter.

why is Dane Cook so sexy?!! can't wait to see the new movie with him and Jessica Alba. grrr

Why was Nick Cannon wearing a leather shirt?!! hmmmm..

i loved how LC won for best dressed! you go girl! Heidi must hate her life.

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