Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy September!

i hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor day! god i love 3 day weekends!! Friday night was GIRLSNIGHT! Jab, angie, ness and I went to Republic. (the old Bliss) we had so much fun dancing and getting free drinks from random guys. love being a girl! it was a very random crowd...from Andy Dick, Taft peeps and most importantly..why was I being hit on by the guy who played the brother in Scarface!!?? I think it's SO tacky when someone will come up to you and ask if you know who they are..what?? are you serious? IF i did, i obviously don't care. well...after we left Republic we went to an after hours club...not really my scene but we had fun. give us a drink and a dance floor and we'll make it fun!

Sat-we hung out in the pool and BBQ'd at my moms. I felt so bad for Brandon and his broken foot. poor guy. we went and saw SuperBad which was seriously the funniest movie!! i loved it! i highly recommend it for a good laugh!

Sun we were lazy bums at home...then we started making margaritas and well....thats where the night got fuzzy. Joey came over and we were sitting at my house until 10:30ish and then went to Eric's. I loved feeling like a rockstar on a Sunday night.

Monday-we went to a BBQ!! what is Labor day without a BBQ?? we finally got Brandon in the pool and we all had so much fun. We had plans to go back to our house and watch JT's concert. Thank god for tivo because we all came back to our place, played Kings and decided to go night swimming. SO fun!

Such a great looong weekend! it is seriously way too hot out. i can't wait for it to start cooling down!

Cheers to a 4 day week!!

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