Thursday, September 27, 2007


Isn’t it funny how things happen? How is it that you can be feeling so down and so alone and then things just pick up out of the blue? How is it that you can lose a best friend but gain even better friends? How is it that you can have a good job but hate everything about it? Do people constantly tell you that your mood affects everyone? Why? Don’t we all have those rough days but yet people still expect “you” to be happy for them? Does that make sense? Maybe they’re just as down, mad etc and need you to make them happy? Why is it that you couldn’t wait to grow up and now you miss the feeling of being young with no responsibilities? Why is it that the people you love most can also hurt you the most? Why can’t we work 2 days out of the week and have a 5 day weekend? Why is everything so damn expensive?

Sorry for my weirdness…just bein random I guess.

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