Monday, September 24, 2007


Gooooooood Morning! Happy Monday! Here we are with another week. I can’t even believe that we are almost in October! Where has this year gone??? Yikes.
Make sure you are thinking of great costume ideas! Yay! My fav..

So Friday was fun. We had a ton of people at our house. B’s mom made me, B, Angelique, Josh and Amy the best dinner EVER! Mmm..After dinner, a girlfriend of mine, Maryam, that I haven’t seen in 4 years came over and it was so much fun to hang out with her! I felt as if we never stopped talking. Jess, Chad, Colin and David all came over and we played the biggest game of Kings ever! Jess and Chad were the last ones left and we decided to watch an old episode of The Cathouse! Seriously, it’s fascinating. I just don’t understand why a guy would want to spend 700 on a hooker for 30 mins. YIKES! Sick. Bleh!

Sat we got up at 7am. (It was awful!) I had an interview for a wedding/event planner at the Grove at 9am. It was awesome until I found out that there was a sign up fee. ARGHHH! Such a waste of time. Brandon’s older sister was in town and we went to breakfast in Santa Monica. Good free food at the hotel. Brandon and I had UCLA tickets for the night game and let’s just say that it was an adventure just to get inside of the Rose Bowl. (haha baby) It was fun being at the game but it was FREEZING and I wasn’t feeling too good. We left the game early and went to bed. Yay! Seriously though, My favorite place to be is in my bed. i love everything about my bed! comfy bed and Brandon next to me! it’s the greatest place to be..

Sunday I got the craziest urge to take everything out of my closet and clean it out. It took me a few hours but it’s so pretty! Love! We met Brandon’s sis at The Roosevelt and walked over to the Geisha House for dinner. Good food, Good people. What a weekend.

Sigh…back to work…

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marie said...

shoot. i always miss the fun stuff, but at least i can vicariously experience them through your blogs. hehe =)


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