Monday, October 22, 2007


I love when my weekends feel long! Friday we had people at our house and drank..tons. We had all of our besties there and even had a few special guest surprises. I love when our friends feel comfortable enough to show up without us knowing! Love! Long night that ended around 4. Jess, chad, Josh and Amy spent the night and when we woke up Jess and Chad were already gone…Amy and Brandon got an amazing idea to make breakfast. Monkey balls!

Mmmmmm. After we ate we were so worthless. We fell asleep and woke up at 4:30PM! The thought of alcohol seriously made me cringe. When we woke up the movie London was on.

Have you seen it? I have never even heard of it but I was seriously addicted!! It’s so good. It’s an ultimate love story but definitely not cheese. Love, drugs and fights. Yum. We took Josh home and passed out until 7ish. Brandon and I finally got out worthless selves up and went to dinner. Mmmm Sushi! We went home and fell asleep at 930ish. Yah I know…productive!
Sunday we went to breakfast with my older Bro and his GF in the city! Love them. They are so cute. Little did we all know that the Aids walk was going where we decided to eat so it took a while to get there and to leave. There were so many people walking. It was awesome to see and to know how much money they raised. The Dallas game started at 1:15 and we had some people over for football Sunday funday! Of course they won!! Woot. It was an early night. I definitely can’t complain about not getting enough sleep. Hah!

Aren't our roomies so cute?!!!

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