Friday, October 5, 2007

Old School

So…I’m not sure what prompted this blog but I had to write……I’m sure we all remember using phrases like “that’s dope” and “did you guys scam”. How old school right? It’s so funny to think back on how we were and how we acted when we were young/er. Did you ever say TTFN or KIT? Or how about “that guy felt me up”?? wow..I remember being asked what “base” I went to with my BF. Base? It’s so funny. I remember going through a Princess stage. Everything I owned HAD to say princess on it. I was borderline obsessed. Sooo I can’t think of any more sayings but what about pagers?!! How was it that we communicated without cell phones and not to mention the intense codes we used… 1 177155 400. hah! And how all of your friends had a different code so you knew it was them…Mine was 7! 7 101135 816! 816 was Brandon..haha. or did you ever put a song on your voicemail reflecting the way you felt? I remember fighting with Brandon in the 7th grade and putting a song such as Heartbreaker by Mariah on my vmail so every time he paged me he can hear how I felt. Wow. OH and can we also not forget that we had to have the coolest brightest colors so that everyone noticed the pager clipped on to your overalls?! haha,So old school. It’s funny how cool we all felt back in the day. I never thought pagers would go out of style, ever!! Haha

If you remember any other old funny things you used to do please let me know…it’s amusing to hear!

Oohhhh.. I remembered another amazingly odd thing we used to do...Whiteout on the backpacks! wow. Mine was covered...i love Brandon, I hate Brandon. BFF 143143143..WOW..and patches on the backpacks. oiy. what a shame that the whiteout look has passed..imagine if we added whiteout to our designer jeans and purses. it can be so chic. yah, right! lol.

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Anonymous said...

Two words = Puffy Jackets
(fashion crime) lol
-I had a two of thema and thought they were the greatest

Oh and those plastic lanyerd(sp?)


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