Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Weekend update.

Friday night we went to a bar down the street from our house called Paladinos. Our friend was playing in a band and it was fun to see him. It was a pretty cool place for the “valley”. We drank at our house first and played a game of speed quarters and then went over. We were drunk by the time we got there…and I guess it didn’t help to take 4 shots while we were there. Crystal, Cindra and I got in to a deep, and I mean deep conversation about life. Smile. From there we went to Taco bell and I can’t write anymore about what happened after because I can not remember. Lol.
Saturday was chill. We hung out at Ryan and Cindra’s. Dinner and more drinking games. Perfect night!

Sunday we drove to Irvine for my cousin Jack’s 1st bday. ONE IF FUN! We had fun and it was great to see my familia.

Brandon and I were SUPER excited for the Dallas game! We left Irvine and rushed over to Cole’s for the tivo’d game. This was a HUGE game and I was hoping to be happy when it was over. Dallas lost. Sigh. It was an OK game up to the end…then we should have just walked off the field. Ugh. Why do we feel the need to scream at the TV as if the players can hear us?? I was hoping Tom Brady could hear me every time I said “I love you!”

Romo is a cutie too but didn’t play that great! Argh!
It’s ok…Dallas is still 5-1. Next time!!!
After the depressing game Brandon and I went to drown our sorrows at PinkBerry. Mmmm
The highlight of our weekend was when Brandon and I were talking on the way back from Irvine and he was saying how much fun we have been having with each other..And I looked over and admired how cute the cop was next to us…he then slowed down and pulled us over…we got an effing TINT ticket! ??!! What?!! Are you kidding? I was just saying how cute you were? Ugh! O well…it could have been worse!

Happy toozeday!

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marie said...

i have yet to taste pinkberry because the line is always discouragingly long whenever i walk past it at the mall.. i heard that if you have out of state license plates, they won't pull you over for your tint.. haha


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