Monday, October 1, 2007

Vegas Vacation.

Monday’s suck. Well, Monday’s after a weekend in Vegas suck. I am so tired. I feel like I am going to pass out at my desk or in mid sentence. Our weekend was amazing! We went up Friday morning. The drive was an experience in itself…drinking in the car, getting pulled over, Jason giving the cop an excuse, Rocky not wearing a seat belt, a creepy baby doll in the road, littering, running a red light and Oh yah…how can we forget Jason getting out of the car while it’s still in drive and me rolling away in the back seat. Classic.

We had all partied the night before. We drank way too much and had to get up early for Vegas. Awful. As soon as we go to our hotel, we took a nap. I know, lame. We stayed at the Luxor in the tower.
Friday night we all went to Rain. I am in love with that club. I love everything about it. Of course we were on the list..We had about 15 people with us and had an amazing time. Can’t go in to details…what happens in Vegas…what???,
Saturday for whatever reason we woke up so early. Brandon was still drunk and wanted to go to the pool soo bad. We were out by the pool for a bit and then met some friends at the Mandalay beach. Such a great idea! It was fun playing in the waves and walking in the sand in Vegas. Haha. We went back over to the Luxor when everyone finally started to wake up. Veronica wanted to go shopping so Angelique, Laura and I went with her. We went to Caesars’ where we got the longest long islands ever. 40 dollars for 12 shots. Mmmmmmmm Laura and I were LI buddies! Yay! So we all bought super hot dresses for that night and went back to the hotel to get ready. Brandon had made dinner reservations for us at Batista’s! If you haven’t eaten there I highly recommend it. It’s a fun, loud place and the food is yummy.

From there we took a Party bus to JET. Can I just say that the Party bus was my favorite part of the night!!? We had so much fun!!! ok so here’s where the night gets interesting….we are all at JET having a good time when all of sudden there is a body guard and flashlights all over Angelique. Long story short the guy was being a dick and kicked her out of the club. The freakin birthday girl! So of course our whole group left. It was pretty funny…we all piled in to a hummer limo to go back to our hotel. So fun. I don’t think we stopped singing for five seconds. Singing, dancing and lap dances. Woo!

We went to the Pyramid Café to get our grub on. Mmmmmm.

Sunday we woke up and went to the Hooters hotel for some football and beer! Go DALLAS! We then went Hotel hopping. I love Vegas. It was the last day for Rehab…oh well, there’s always next year..

You seriously need a vacation from Vegas. Seriously I think I took up all of my energy writing this blog..oiy.

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