Monday, November 26, 2007

4 days...

Happy Monday! it was so nice having four days of no work!! we did everything from eat way too much turkey, shopped the day after turkey day (worst idea ever), ice skate, drift competition and lunch with Miss Marie! what a weekend...Oh and we put up all of our Christmas decorations. smile....we have 2 bins filled with ornaments. our 3rd annual party is coming up! sigh...... after Thanksgiving day is insane. Brandon and I really wanted to buy a video camera and thought hey let's try it out and shop with the rest of the world. ummm all i have to say is GROSS! there was trash and junk everywhere outlining every store. it was so disgusting. for those of you who know me, i hate litter!!! hate! and the stores were covered with trash. we went around 10:30ish and the lines in the stores were intense...we ended up leaving Best Buy with a camera but i would have paid more to avoid the madness. our camera is so cute! i am in love!!!!!! we met Chad and Jess in Downtown at Pershing square to ice skate. it was so much fun! the only problem with having a video camera is that we took no pics. o well, video is much better! wink wink.

Saturday we went to Irwindale Speedway to watch a drift competition. we had such a great time. we went with my bro, Eric, Chris and Becca. beer and cars.what a guys dream...oh and import car models. haha

Sunday we hung out and did nothing. we met Marie at the corner bakery and finally got to catch up. YAY!

back to Monday................

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