Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Sitting in traffic has got to be one of the most painful and mentally exhausting wastes of time EVER! Now that i have taken on a new job in good o'le downtown LA, the traffic going home is painful. i find my self screaming in the car and wondering if there is a short cut i am missing. why can't everyone go the same speed and not slam on the brakes every second they feel like it?? Why can't people just drive NORMAL!!???!? is there such thing? why does it seem like everyone freaks out when there's a cop...or when people are merging on to the freeway? hello....DRIVE! I work from 8-5 in DT and I am lucky enough to experience the "rush hour" insanity. oiy.


1 comment:

marie said...

i hate the traffic too!!

..but the earpiece helps for making good phone calls. =)


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