Thursday, November 29, 2007


it's one of those days. annoyed, frustrated, sad, miserable, bored, lazy..etc. I want to crawl in bed and wake up tomorrow. I got this email today from the DailyOm and it weirded me out. you know when you read your horoscope sometimes and it's dead on? i mean so on that you think someone close to you is writing them...well...I think everyone should take the time out and read this. it's not only inspiring but so true. we all get in to our "safe" zone with our job, relationships, etc. it's hard to think about going off course sometimes but it can also be one of the best things to do sometimes....

"Back In The Driver’s Seat
The Passenger
It’s easy to go through this fast-paced world feeling as if you are being dragged through your weeks on the back of a wild horse. Many of us go from one thing to another until we end up back at home in the evening with just enough time to wind down and go to sleep, waking up the next morning to begin the wild ride once more. While this can be exhilarating for certain periods of time, a life lived entirely in this fashion can be exhausting, and more important, it places us in the passenger’s seat when really we are the ones who should be driving.

When we get caught up in our packed schedule and our many obligations, weeks can go by without us doing one spontaneous thing or taking time to look at the bigger picture of our lives. Without these breaks, we run the risk of going through our precious days on a runaway train. Taking time to view the bigger picture, asking ourselves if we are happy with the course we are on and making adjustments, puts us back in the driver’s seat where we belong. When we take responsibility for charting our own course in life, we may well go in an entirely different direction from the one laid out for us by society and familial expectations. This can be uncomfortable in the short term, but in the long term it is much worse to imagine living this precious life without ever taking the wheel and navigating our own course.

Of course, time spent examining the big picture could lead us to see that we are happy with the road we are on, but we would like more time with family or more free time to do whatever we want at the moment. Even if we want more extreme changes, the way to begin is to get off the road for long enough to catch our breath and remember who we are and what we truly want. Once we do that, we can take the wheel with confidence, driving the speed we want to go in the direction that is right for us."

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