Thursday, November 15, 2007


I wanted to CONGRATULATE my BESTIE for passing the SERIES 7! (one of the hardest tests to take)
"The General Securities Representative Exam, commonly referred to as the Series 7 Exam, is a required exam to become a Registered Representative of a broker-dealer in the United States.

The exam is a six-hour, 250 question test owned and maintained by the New York Stock Exchange Regulations and administered by the self-regulating National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), which covers a broad range of investments including stocks, bonds, options, limited partnerships, and investment company products (e.g., open- and closed-end funds). A candidate must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to pass. Upon passing the test, one is granted a Series 7 / General Securities license. This license is required of any investment professional who communicates with retail investors. For this reason, many account managers, analysts, and other executives in the employ of a registered Broker/Dealer hold Series 7 licenses. Clients of a Broker/Dealer, whether they be a hedge fund manager or a home investor, are not eligible for this license"

Congrats my love!! i knew you could do it! you are one of the smartest people I know!!!!!! LOVE YOU! she has been a serious hermit for months and all of her hard work paid off. I am so proud of you and happy that you're finally FREE! wink.

**It seems as though everyone in my life has got their shit together. Whether it's graduating, a new job, being licensed and just being happy.....that's US! I love you all and I am so proud of you all!


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