Monday, November 19, 2007


hurray for a 3 day week!!! we had such a great weekend. Friday was a mission and a half. We were throwing Jess a surpirse party for passing her test and i was in charge of taking her out and bringing her to the house. well, of course the one time she wants to be difficult and call random girls we dont know and can't get a hold of and tells them to meet us at a restaurant in Sherman Oaks. we were supposed to be at Josh's (in woodland hills) at 830....anyways....long story short everything worked out better than i expected. I pulled each girl in the bathroom to tell them to leave and meet us at the was classic seeing Jessica's face when people just started leaving with the most random excuses. hahaha. when we got there she was so SURPRISED!!! I am so happy that it all worked out. what a great night. drinks, music, kings and pin the tail on the donkey. hahaha. i love my Dory and I am sooooooo proud of her!!!!!!!

Saturday Brandon and I had date day and night. we woke up around noon and got our worthless butts out of bed and went to Il Tramezzino for lunch. mmmmmmm. we went home and hung out and then went to Shiki sushi for dinner and ended our night at pink berry. sigh.....i love date nights!

Sunday was none other than fooooootball day. of course Dallas beat Washington but it was a good intense game. we had a bunch of peeps over and more than enough food. i feel like we already had Thanksgiving dinner. lol. after watching the Patriots kill Buffalo....we decided to go to cold stones. (as if we needed to eat anymore...) mmmmmmm

back to monday which is really Tuesday. YAY!!!!

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