Friday, December 7, 2007


last night was purrrrrfectO! Brandon and I were in a goofy mood and had a random night. I got home and we were going to work out but got lost in Myspace world. we had one too many laughs and too many gasping moments. it's so funny how Myspace can be so addicting and yet so after what seemed like forever we were over working out..we decided to go to the store for wine...we weren't sure what we wanted for dinner so we walked around the store about 5 times until i discovered corn dogs! mmmmmmmm yep nailed it. so we went home and had wine and dogs. hah. while we were eating our healthy meal we couldn't stop laughing at MXC. i swear that's the best show ever! we were so in to it. oh yah and we had a fire going...
so we started to get sleepy and the fire was still going and we didnt want to go upstairs yet so what do we do???? we sleep downstairs. duh. Brandon gave me a rub which was amazing! thanks lover. smile.

what a great night with my hunny.


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