Monday, February 18, 2008

happy Presidents' day!

uuuuhhhhhhh....why do i feel like the company i work for is the only company open today?!! Is it because most of our friends have the day off or because I got to work in 20 minutes?!! either way i wish i was at the beach sipping on a fruity drink or even some wine with my girlfriends. LUCKY!>@>!>R@#()_! at least i'll get home early tonight.

Friday, Jess and I went to dinner and then went shopping. We had a great time, story telling, drinking and laughing for no reason! loveu.
Saturday, we went WHALE WATCHING!!!!! it was my gift to Brandon. we were so excited and of course saw no whales. haha. we did however see the most amazing thing. for miles and miles, as far as you looked out at the water were thousands of dolphins. it was incredible! they are so cute. i felt like we were at SeaWorld. They were all jumping out of the water. it was so crazy to see Dolphins every where you looked. it was a great day on a boat with my lover.

Sat night our two fav couples came over and we went to a "different" party. (((NAUGHTY)))
that's all i'm going to say but we had a great time. it was a little bazaar but fun. Loved our night!

Sunday we went to visit my dad. he is stttilllll in the hospital. :( but he may be released manana! FINGERS CROSSED!
we came back and watched Daytona 500 with Joey and Tim. Brandon and i finished the weekend off with a grrrrreat night! ;)

here we are working while the rest of LA has off. boo.

Photo cred: ME

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