Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday is here!

phew. i was starting to feel like this week would never end. oiy. I got home last night and went straight to the gym. Brandon played the role of personal trainer and had me working out my arms. i am seriously a weakling. lifting weights is almost impossible for me. well i sucked it up and had drill Sergeant B counting for me, and of course spotting me. i did a ton of sets and left the gym with shaky arms. holding my cell was challenging. hah. Angelique and Jered came over for some delicious dinner B made and we watched American idol and then proceeded to sing at the top of our lungs when it was over. yay for terrible voices! you don't become Mariah without practice. winkwink.

the weather has been amazing! seriously the weather in LA has a mind of it's own. but i LOVE it. Can't wait for Spring!!

Oh, and of course i am wearing leggings. :)

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