Thursday, February 14, 2008

working hard

yesterday was a great day. got to work and had a great phone call from my step mom telling me nothing but great news about my pops! YAY! crossing my fingers that he comes home today<3
then...I completely forgot about our team trend shopping all day at the bev center and was reminded when a girl i work with asked when we were leaving. i was so happy. we all left around 12 and met at the Beverly center to look at new handbag trends, quality, materials, what kind of leathers, hardware, etc. we went to every high end designer such as LV, Gucci, Dior, Furla, D&G and more. we went in to Macys to look at our display and took a billion pics. of course we were told we couldn’t in almost every store but we still got them. ;) we found some great ideas and felt the most amazing leathers. i love when the leather is so soft that it feels like butter. or when you put raw honey on your face and rinse it and feel how soft your face soft. (oh, by the way, it's really good for your skin). ok....Trend shopping is so much fun. 1-because you are not in an office all day long, and 2-it's fun to see what other retailers are doing to see if we are on the same page. sighhhhh-i love my job.

so anyways...i got to go home around 4 which was nice and B and i went to Ventura to visit my dad. he was so tired but we picked him up so Vday treats to give to my mom. so sweet.
B and I came home and I have to talk about the show Moment of Truth. has anyone seen it?? I love! last night there was the most remarkable man on the show. he seemed like such a great husband and was being nothing but honest. win 500K for telling the truth. seems easy right? well i'm hooked. He walked away with 100K. god, wouldn’t it be nice to walk away with 100K?? i'd probably walk away with 10K. hah.
go watch!

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