Thursday, March 13, 2008


I took Brandon to dinner last night at our FAVORITE restaurant, Lawrys. we got there a bit early so we had a drink at the bar. they took us to our table and as i requested we got a big booth all to ourselves. YAY! we enjoyed every minute of our night. laughing, smiling, eating like horses and being in a food coma was our key to a great night! After 5 years of being together and living together for 4 i was so nervous. ♥ He didnt know where we were going and i surprised him with Lawrys. when we got to the bar i was shaking. don't know why but i felt like it was our first date! sighhhhh.

we had a great night full of LOVE, reminiscing, tons of great food (oooh the Yorkshire pie), happy birthday song, two martinis and two jack and ginger ales!!

Happy bday baby! can't wait for tonight's celebration! ♥♥

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Kira Fashion said...

so sweet and fashion, girl!

a kiss and a hug,

you are in my links of the day,

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