Thursday, March 13, 2008

boogity boogity boogity, let's go racing boys!

ok, so by popular demand (wonder from who) I am blogging about none other than Brandon's other girlfriend. not sure if i'm number one or if she is but at least i know her and we actually are good friends. sure there's always a jealousy factor but hey...i guess it could always be worse. some might think i'm a cool chick for allowing them to be so close. it's a bond that no one can ever break! ;)

she's hot in red, she LOVES Brandon, she gets him in to too much trouble, she spends more time with him then i do, she means a lot to him, she's fast, she makes him happy, she may please him almost as good as i do, she's been trashed, she's been fixed, he spends most of his money on her, she is always on top of him, and she is one good ride.......


Aisha said...

veeeeeeeery cool ride (;

Kira Fashion said...

it´s a vintage and pimped car, so great!

a kiss and a hug dear,
keep in touch!



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