Friday, March 21, 2008


so....ME time at Burke Williams was AMAZING!!! I walked in and see a girl that I have known since the first grade. random right? well she showed me around the spa and then asked if I wanted a complimentary milk bath. ummmmm hell yah!! so i got out of my dirty work clothes and sat in the steam room for 20 mins and then moved to the sauna. after i couldn't take the sauna anymore i got in the jacuzzi. so nice!! My name was called and it was time for my milk bath. I had no idea what i was in for but was MY time to relax! so i went in to this Private room and this lady filled my bath with all sorts of powders and oils. i got in and she turned the bubbles on (amaz!) and put cucumbers on my eyes and a warm wash cloth over my face. i was in heaven but wait, it gets better......she asked me if i wanted fresh fruit so of course i said sure.....i was like a lazy bum reaching in to a bowl i could not see and eating away. sighhhhh. it was the best. i sat in the bath for 20 mins and freshened up while waiting for them to call me for my massage. i had a pure relaxation massage for 50 minutes. unbelievable. i wish i could afford to go to the spa every night. no cell phones, no drama, no work...just relaxing alone. heaven!
i got out of the spa around 8:30 and went home to my hubby who had dinner ready. he's so great!! what a dreamy night! i am going to make it a monthly thing. it's a must in my world! My Bestie got me a gift certificate at BW and it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. She rocks my world! Thanks hunny! love you!

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