Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hills

so...did you watch the new Hills last night? I get so anxious to see what is going to happen and then always wonder why in the world do i watch it when it's over. I guess the Heidi and Spencer drama would be "that much better" if we didn't see them clowning around LA being as cheesy as the Kraft mac and cheese. Did any of you see the pics of them from Easter Sunday? OIY!!!! they are so sickening to look at.
ok, back to the Hills...Paris is GORGEOUS!! so happy to say that i've been there and seen it all and more. Lauren was so dumb for wearing her dress to a club but i guess she got another one out of it so good for her. Whitney is unhappy and needs to take the lead of the show. i like her! and why was it so shocking that Brody got a new GF in the two days LC was gone? did that really surprise her? wasn't she the one going through his phone making fun of all the names he has? hmmph.
I missed Audrina. i dont know why i like her but she seems coolER than the others. she's not so Innocent like the show makes her out to be (hence the nakey photos all over the internet). hey...at least her body is bangin!!
so....i have to admit that i was looking forward to Mariah's performance after the show and she sounded awful. well at least when she wasn't hitting high notes. was she sick? did u think so? boo. she sounds AMAZING live, i swear! :)

although i hate myself for saying it.....i'm excited to see Heidi and Audrina make up, Brody introduce Lauren to his GF, She-Pratt talk to Lauren in class, and Justin Bobby's new hair do. should be entertaining!

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Jocelyn K. said...

Can i just say when they had the countdown clock for the Hills it was if i was celebrating New Years lol. Trevor couldn't stop laughing at me.


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