Monday, March 24, 2008


lazy weekend=heaven!
we had such a lazy weekend. it was lovely. Friday I went shopping for our bday bash with Joey and we found the greatest outfits. later on we had a Wii party with a bunch of friends. Saturday we went shopping a bit and came home to relax. I watched Enchanted while Brandon took a nap. sooooo nice.. i love having nothing to do. Saturday night it was brandi and brandon do nothing night. love. Easter sunday was filled with familia. we went to church in the morning and then went up to see my dad in the hospital. they gave us our bday presents and we got 3 new Wii games, American Idol being my fav!!!! we went to my moms for dinner and went home to have a singing contest. we stayed up too late singing away. so much fun. Angelique and I both became the NEXT American Idol's! :)

25 sooooooooooooon!!!!!!

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