Monday, March 3, 2008


boo. it's Monday! biggggg loooongggggg sighhhhhhhhh!

so despite the awful headache i have right now, our weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday night Joey and Tim came over and the boys BBQ'd some yummy turkey burgers and homemade fries. mmmmm Joey and I enjoyed a few glasses of wine and watched Superbad. :) Saturday I went to my Uncle's fiance's (my new Aunt!??) wedding shower. It was in Marina Del Rey at the Ritz. (i will upload pics manana). Very nice but we went for Tea and all of you who have been to a tea house know the food is bleh. I purposely didn't eat all day to enjoy a great meal and ended up eating a tiny cucumber sandwich, a piece of salmon wrapped in a ball, and a scone. mmmmmmmmm no way, my mom and i went to pick up Brandon and went for mexican food. much better!
Sunday we had plans to shop all day in the city but completely forgot about the marathon. Every street/highway was blocked. So Joey took me to a swap meet in Santa Clarita, i think?!!? any who, it was fun but windy. we walked around for a few hours and then went to Target. you can't go wrong at Target. we bought tanks and leggings and accessories, yay! from there we went to Michaels cause i have this new obsession with making rings. (i will upload my rings manana as well to get feedback). We went to meet the boys who were watching Nascar. we ordered pizza and Joey and i went back out to buy more ring stuff. we came back to our men sleeping during the race. IS that boring. ha.B and i went home and got all snugglypoo and ready for a new week. ordered in chinese and watched a movie. love! we are one week closer for our VACA! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

cheers to a new week!

This is a great blog/store I found with great funky rings:
the carrot box

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