Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Rewind!

Happy Monday! What a great, GREAT weekend!!

weekend rewind:
Fri-friends over-drinking games.
Sat-Jess and i had girls day and went to visit my dad. :) then we had a great lunch at the Natural Cafe. loved. Boulevard 3 for Tim's bday. Cabana-dancing-drinking-taking too many pics.
Sunday-Picked up our Wii. :):) watched a little of the race and played Wii with Joey and Tim for hours! P.S. I am the bowling champ! Brandon's birthday dinner at my momasita's. din din-spa-presents-cake. smile.

what a great EFFIN weekend. that's right, i said EFFIN! one of my favorite things to do is have people over and play games. sounds cheese but we have sooo much fun. we also needed a serious "hollywood" night out in the town!

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