Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Rewind!

Friday night was FABULOUS! We went to Jared Gold's fashion show. it was AMAZING!! After work Bekah and i went to Baja Cantina in Venice for happy hour margaritas. we met up at her friends house where we got ready for the show. Parking was a biatch so Bakaha and Leilani jumped out and Angelique and i went to find parking. let's just say that we felt like we drove to another country. so far and so funny how every security guard we asked at Union Station was like "huh, what fashion show?!!". lol.
we finally got in and it was amazing. the runway was up high and the decor was funky. loved it.
the show started and i loved 90% of the clothes. When Jared came out we were going crazy! he's so awesome!
after the show i was trying so hard to find Tarina Tarantino. she is one of my fav designers! i love her. I could see her and her bright pink hair during the show but after she must have ran out. boo. i got her newest catalog though. eeeee!
They had a Black Chandelier store where Liques bought the cutest shirt ever and bought me the scarf i really wanted! EEEE! happy bday to me! we saw the roach's and i guess the alcohol gave me some balls cause i wanted to hold it. as you can see by the pic i wasnt thrilled but i DID it!
we hung out for a bit and took pics with Jared Gold and then went back to Venice. Angelique and I ended up at Dennys in the Valley around 1:30 AM. fun!

Sat-Brandon, Tim, and I went to the Orange County Car show. Brandon's company was sponsoring it so of course we were VIP. the show was fun. lots of ridiculous cars. Brandon was in heaven!!

Sat night and alllllllll day Sunday i was sick in bed. boooo. Brandon played doctor and tried to help. i feel a little better today but would love to be in bed after eating a green bagel. :) HAPPPPPPPPPPY St. Patty's day!!!!!! of course i am wearing green. Green tights that is!

Happy Monday! Monday didnt start off the way i wanted it too (waiting for a tow truck cause my keys were in my locked car) but at least we are almost half way through the day.

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