Monday, March 31, 2008


Friday-Girls night out at GOA. what a production to get in but it was cool. highly overrated like every club in Hollywood but we had fun. wasn't a fan of the music but it was really nice. didn't realize you needed to have a dance floor license. it sucked having no room to dance but we made our own dance floor near the bar. so while we were waiting in line we saw TMZ following Joey Fatone and of course we had to talk to them. not Joey, TMZ. no wonder every celebrity looks annoyed and constipated when the camera's are on....that light is BRIGHT! we couldn't see anything. lol. there were a few "what's his name" celebs there...we took a pic with "on the way down" Ryan Cabrera and ended our night at Denny's on sunset. let's just say never again. drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got home around 4:15 and Brandon had passed out in the second bedroom. it was hilarious. he had a few people over and had a party himself. :)
Sat we woke up around 12:30 (i know, worthless) and hung out all day. we went to Marie's going away party! Bye love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!
after Marie's we went home and quickly changed in to our 80's work out clothes. crimped hair, bright makeup, colorful prints etc! it was Payam's bday at V lounge in Santa Monica. we had such a great night!!! Thank god for video cameras. ;) we had a private room and all but of course we all went in to the main club and partied away. sure we got strange looks but who cares!! a bottle of jager-more shots-and Dom Perignon. mmmm Great night!!

Sunday was relax day. i got in to a SPRING cleaning mode and took everything out of our kitchen and reorganized it! YAY!! I thought i was going to drown in plastic containers....

I hope ya'all had a great weekend!

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