Tuesday, March 11, 2008


hurray for lunch time. i am starvin marvin. i brought left overs from last nights din din and i have this strange phobia of heating meat up. bleh. not sure if i can do it. yuuuuuuuuk.

last night was so fun. so i went to Michaels after work where i proceeded to walk around the entire store to get ring ideas. i bought an amazing bag of goodies for 4 bucks. DEAL!! i also picked up a few things for my lovers bday. :) let's just say i was very creative. I got home around 7:30ish or so and brandon was boxing on our Wii. we are addicted. i went upstairs to play with his creation from me and i couldnt help but laugh every time he yelled at the TV. i swear if i didnt know better i would think he was really boxing/bowling etc. when i finally finished he wanted to battle Wii style. so I took him on and we fought for what seemed like 5 hours. we had a bowling competition that rocked my socks. our neighbors probably think we were nuts. screaming and high fiving like there was no tomorrow. the last thing we did was a training to see how old our Mii's are. Brandon did great and he was 28 years old. i on the other hand cant get down the tennis or baseball and my age came in at 51 years old! PAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! so entertaining! i lurve the Wii.

Brandon and i were having so much fun being goofy. i love my life with him. so cheese but to sum up my life with him, it's PERFECT!

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